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Special Villages, Gilan


The most beautiful vicinities of Iran are found in northern Iran, and specially in Gilan province. A coverage of green forests, diverse sources of water, local architecture, cultural specifications......are eye-catching; forming a basis for the development of tourism.Some of these rural attractions, known both internally and internationally are: 

Harzavil Village, Roodbar - Manjil 

 The history of this village dates back to over a thousand years, and is situated near the city of Manjil. Naser Khosrow, the famous Iranian poet had travelled to this village and had mentioned this vicinity in his travel accounts. There is an ancient cypress tree in the village that attracts crowds of people every year. The tomb of Aqa Seyed Mahmood Marandi and Imamzadeh Ebrahim are other attractions of this area. 


Kiashahr Village, Rasht 

 This village has made impressive progress during the years and has turned into a city. Kiashahr is located on the banks of a beautiful wetland, and enjoys a wonderful landscape and pleasant weather. Here there are wooden docks and some cottages for temporary use and fishing. Rest houses and restaurants have been constructed in the forest park close to the sea, so as to provide services to visitors. This village is one of the beautiful attractions of Gilan.


Masooleh Village, Fooman 

 This village is situated in the south west of Fooman, 63 km. from Rasht. It enjoys a moderate climate. Local architecture, springs, waterfalls, the 'Rood Khan' River and dense forests all make it an attractive tourism spot. Masooleh's integrated architecture and its houses are of two storeys. These comprise of an entrance corridor, cellers and other unique architectural features, and are linked to each other by a staircase. Such that the terrace of each house is the court-yard of the house above. The presence of the ancient Own Ebne Ali and Own Ebne Mohammad in Masooleh are pilgrimage sites and hold cultural importance. 


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