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Rivers, Gilan


Dinachal River, Rasht 

 This river takes its source from an area called 'Sheergoli'. Other small branches adjoin it in its flow. Its mountainous course has a gentle slope and after a bend, it flows southwards, entering the plains and flowing to the sea.

Gorgan Rood River, Talesh

 This is the largest river in the west or the Talesh region. Its northern branch flows at an altituude of 2,000 m. and its mid-branch at an altitude of 3,000 m. These branches adjoin at an elevation of approximately 350 m. Its water shed has a gentle slope. This river passes through the city of 'Hashtpar' where a bridge is constructed over it. The river bed spreads within the limits of the city, and its southern fringes offer recreational opportunities. 

Langerood Rood Khan River, Lahijan 

 The same takes its source in the southern heights of Lahijan. Its two branches adjoin about 7 km. away from its source, and from this point the river flows towards the west. After passing a large bend named 'Zaki Bar Roodkhan', it flows along the Astaneh - Lahijan Road in the west. On dissecting the northern route of Lahijan, and taking the name of Langerood Khan, it flows in a southwest-northeast direction and finally flows into the sea.

Pol Rood River, Gilan 

 This is the largest river in the east of Gilan with a watershed covering an area of 1,725 sq. km. The 'Chak Rood' is one of the biggest branches flowing through the western areas of 'Kalishan' and 'Moosa Kalayeh', opposite Rostam Abad along the course of the Sefid Rood. Its other tributary is 'Gol Rood'which takes its source in Ashkoorat. 



Sefid Rood River, Gilan 

 The water shed of the same is to an extent of approximately 59,400 square kilometers, and originates from the provinces of Kurdestan and Azarbayjan. It passes through the Zanjan province and flows into the Caspian Sea in Gilan province. The Sefid Rood Valley acts like a corridor connecting some of the southern parts of the Caspian Sea, which are humid and high pressure areas to the low pressure regions of the Iran Plateau. 

Shafa Rood River, Talesh 

 This is the second largest river in Talesh. Its important tributaries adjoin the main stream along its course. Here it is accompanied by several small streams on a steep slope, flowing into the plains of the 'Poonal' region.

Shalman Rood River, Roodsar 

 The same has a comparatively large water out put till the Shalman bridge and along the Roodsar - Lahijan Road. It has two main tributaries the 'Taq Var' from the west and Shalman Rood from the east. Almost 3 km. towards this river, at a bend of about 2.5 km. the Kiarood joins it, and with a few more twists and turns flows into the Caspian Sea.



Zikeili River, Gilan 

 It is one of the important rivers of Gilan province, taking its source at the 'Darfak Peak' and flowing into the Sefid Rood. Its longest tributary is about 31 km. Its southern branch flows into a deep canyon. The lower altitudes are covered by dense forests. The heights above the northern tributary ends at the verdant and lush pastures of Darfak.

Other Rivers, Gilan 

 Gilan has other rivers among which the most important are: Khatbeh Sara, Chelovand, Khooyeq, Navrood, Morqak, Khalkhaye, Masooleh Roodkhan, Shahkhazar, Peerbazar, Tonkabon, Siyahrood, Firehrood, Disam, Samush, Bibalan, Mersarood, Khuskhrood, Gazafrood, and Astara Chay.

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