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Mausoleums and Imamzadehs, Gilan

Seyed Jalaledin Ashraf Mausoleum

Aqa Seyed Ahmad Seyed Heidar, Roodsar 


 The said is situated 5 km. south of Kalachay and is in the dense forest region. There is a porch running throughout the structure. There are two tombs in two segregated areas here, related to the above mentioned. The structure seems to be a remnant of the Safavid era. Its entrance doors are delicately carved and the most ancient date dispalyed by an epigraph goes back to 842 AH. Holy verses of Qoran have been carved around the chest on the tomb and the inscription here reveals the date of 855 AH. A metal sepulchre has replaced the wooden one.

Aqa Seyed Danial Mausoleum (Khesht Mosque), Rasht 

 This mausoleum is located in the Koochesfahan locality of Rasht. The tomb is in a rectangular structure reputedly known as 'Khesht Mosque'. The womens segment is to the northern side adorned with star like dimensions. The tombstone is of marble, to the four sides of which are engraved epigraphs dating 1023 AH. This Imamzadeh is said to be a descendant of the 7th Imam of the Shi'ite sect. 

Aqa Seyed Ebrahim and Seyed Abdollah Mausoleum, Somiehsara 

 The said is located 4 km. to the north of Somiehsara. According to records, the above mentioned are the offsprings of the 7th Imam of the Shi'ite sect. The structure is a large and archaic one. In some sections it has been adorned with green tiles of the Qajar era. This mausoleum is in the midst of a huge cemetry called Kasma, where rebels of the Jungle Movement have been laid to rest.

Aqa Seyed Moein and Seyed Mobin Mausoleum, Roodsar 

 This mausoleum is famously known as the 'Do Baradar' or two brothers. The same is located in Tamijan and 5 km. southwest of Roodsar. The above mentioned are believed to be the offsprings of Imam Moosa Kazem (PB). The mausoleum is an ancient structure with three vast porches on the three sides. There is an ancient wooden latticed work chest on the tomb. The internal walls of the mausoleum are adorned with religious imprints. One of the most archaic tomb stones reveal the date of 1120 AH. The Seyed Kolsoom Mausoleum is also located in this vicinity, and is known as Khanom Astaneh. This venue is a pilgrimage site for women.


Seyed Jalaledin Ashraf Mausoleum

Imamzadeh Mohammad Hanifeh Mausoleum, Loshan, Roodbar 

 The said is situated at a distance of 12 km. north east of Loshan. According to beliefs this is the resting abode of one of the offsprings of Hazrat Ali (AS) and that of Imam Moosa Kazem (PB). The structure is octagonal in shape, and has been constructed of stone and gypsum. The same consists of an anteroom, a vast porch and the shrine itself. In the center of the court-yard is a large wooden sepulchre. This pilgrimage site attracts visitors from all over the province.

Khahar-e-Imam (Imam's Sister) Mausoleum, Rasht 

 The same is located in a locality by the same name in Rasht. The portal is of glazed bricks and indicate the date 1290 AH. There is also another inscription relevant to the reign of Naseredin Shah, dating 1272 AH. This inscription indicated a decree regarding the tax exemption of bakeries. 

Own-ebne Ali Mausoleum, Masooleh 


 The above mentioned is situated in the township of Masooleh. According to existing documents, this is the resting abode of Mohammad Hanifeh, the offspring of Imam Ali (AS). The mausoleum is an ancient octagonal structure with an extremely archaic valuable wooden and intricately carved door in its western section. In accordance to an epigraph on a column near the entrance, the structure was put under extensive repair during the reign of Fath Ali Shah. The most ancient date revealed here is one on the tombstone dating back to 969 AH.

Seyed Ali Kia Mausoleum, Lasht Nesha, Astaneh Ashrafieh 


 The above mentioned is located in the Ejdaha Baluch Village of Lasht Nesha. It is a quadrangular structure with a porch on all sides. The ceiling of the front porch rests on ten beautiful ancient wooden columns. The internal cornices and porches are adorned with multicolored tiles which display an effect of the Zandieh era. Another spectacular feature of the structure is its ancient and adorned ensign, constructed skillfully and extremely artistically out of metal. This master piece displays twin dragon heads and is a valuable piece of metallic art. The said Imamazadeh is a descendant of Imam Moosa Kazem (AS), and the marble tombstone indicates the date of 1230 AH.


Wall Painting of Chahar Padeshah , Mausoleums, Lahijan

Seyed Jalaledin Ashraf Mausoleum, Astaneh Ashrafieh 

 This mausoleum is situated at a distance of 34 km. east of Rasht and in the city of Astaneh Ashrafieh. According to records the said is the offspring of the 7th Imam of the Shi'ite sect. The original structure was constructed in the year 311 AH., under the orders of the ruler of the times Khanom Gowharshad. But in the year 1977, the same was replaced by a majestic edifice adorned with mirror work ceilings and a dome worked with delicate tiles and porches. This vicinity also encompasses a library, mosque, a place for religious mourning ceremonies, and an area reserved for the residence of pilgrims, in addition to a caretakers section.    

Other Mausoleums and Imamzadehs, Gilan 

  Other Imamzadehs of the province are as follows:   Imamzadeh Essaq in the south of Shaft; Bibi Hourieh on the Rasht - Anzali road; Imamzadeh Hashem in the south of Rasht; Davazdeh Tan mausoleum in Langerood; Aqa Seyed Hossein in Roodsar; Aqa Seyed Abol Hossein in Roodbar; the tomb of Aqa Seyed Hossein and Ebrahim in Langerood, Chahar Padashahan Mausoleum in Lahijan.

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