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Dying for a Friend


THIS is a story of two great friends who lived long ago in Syracuse, by name Phintias and Damon. They loved each other very much.

In those olden days, Syracuse was ruled by a cruel king called Dionysius. No one in the kingdom dared to utter a word against this King, for if they did, they were mercilessly put to death.

One day Phintias was sentenced to death as he had been heard speaking against the king, but he managed to obtain permission to go to a neighbouring city to pay the last visit to his family provided that Damon, his bosom friend would remain in his custody. Damon gladly agreed and remained in prison while Phintias set off to his family.

Finally, when the day of execution arrived, the amphitheatre was full of people. But Phintias had not returned from the city. Damon calmly mounted the gallows, extremely happy to offer his life for the sake of his friend. There were tears in the eyes of the people for they were touched to see the love of this great friend.

Just when the executioner lifted his arm, there was a great roar from the crowd; “It’s Phintias! He’s come at last!” Phintias panted and pushed his way through the crowd. “Thank God I am not too late”, he said. But Damon would not agree to come down from the gallows. Each friend insisted on dying for his companion. Everyone was greatly moved and so was the king Dionysius. The people started to request for a pardon. Dionysius gladly granted Phintias pardon and set him free. This is what true friendship is.

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