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The scientific rank of Imam Sadiq(AS)


The shi’ite Fiqh (jurisprudence) is also called Ja’fari Fiqh that is attributed to Imam Ja’far-e Sadiq, because the major parts of the Islamic legal regulations were enacted by this great man.

Considering the social great necessity and readiness, Imam Sadiq took advantage of the suitable political atmosphere and continued his father’s cultural and scientific movement and established a great university in many fields of science. He taught more than 4000 students among them appeared the great scientific characters such as “Hesham Ibn-e Hekam” (who wrote more than 31 books), “Jabir Ibn-e Hayyan”,( the founder of scientific chemistry with more than 200 books in various scientific fields), “Mohammed Ibn-e Moslem”, and etc. The students of Imam Sadiq’s university, who came from every part of the country, were both Shi’ite and Sunnite. Among them “Abu- Hanifeh” was the most important Sunnite students. Both the Shi’ite and Sunnite scholars honored him very much.

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