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How to Have the Body You Want


Obviously, you want to have what you want – don’t you?

Then why are you not able to have the body that you want, or the job that you want, or the relationship that you want - why don’t you have the life you want?

You are conflicted. Truly, you think you want something but then you think (consciously or unconsciously) of all the reasons why you can’t have it. You think about what has happened in the past, and that discounts your thoughts of what it is you want.

So, you must believe that you can have it. Here is where the struggle comes. You are, I am guessing, based on your past experiences, convinced that you cannot improve your fitness, change your diet, change your job, lose the weight, and so forth, since every time you have tried in the past, it hasn’t worked, or lasted.

Here’s what you must do to get the body you want:

1. Continue to have the desire. Think it, wish it, and see it (in detail) for yourself.

2. Make small changes in your diet and exercise program, changes that you will be able to do now. Don’t commit to an unrealistic exercise plan; just do what you truly know you can do, like 20 minutes every morning, or three days a week.

And make minor alterations in your diet like reducing the amount on your plate, cutting out dessert, reducing the number of sodas that you drink in a day.

3. Keep your vision intact. Even if your actions falter, do not let that throw you for an emotional loop. Stay focused on what you want.

You will soon have the desire and the belief, and changes will occur, don’t give up.

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