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Handicraft, Music, Dance and Food, Hamadan

Handicraft, Music, Dance and Food, Hamadan

Handicrafts and Souvenirs, Hamadan 


 The most important handicraft of the province is earthenware and ceramics, and a place called 'Lalejin' (30 km. north of Hamadan) is famous for this handicraft. Besides earthenware and ceramics, there are the followings - carpet and 'Kilim' weaving (or a coarse carpet), clothing (mainly to do with the nomads), 'jajeem' (or a loosely woven woolen material), leather work, 'geeveh' (a local foot-ware), sweet-meats and grape syrup.


Local and Regional Foods, Hamadan 


 Food in this province alike others excels in variety. There are various types of 'aash' or a type of soup such as ash-e-dooq, aash-e-kachi, aash-e-qureh etc. A variety of a type of meat broth, called 'abgoosht' such as, abgoosht-e-qureh, abgoosht-e-beh, abgoosht-e-qormeh etc. There are also a variety of meat-balls, kookoos, and kababs (grills). Stuffed vegetables also form another part of the menu. Besides these are many kinds of curries and pickles.

Handicraft, Music, Dance and Food, Hamadan

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