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Mausoleums and Imamzadehs, Hamadan

Mausoleums and Imamzadehs, Hamadan

Habaqooq-e-Nabi Mausoleum, Towiserkan 

 This tomb is located near the city of Towiserkan and is related to the 7th century AH. Habaqooq Nabi was one of the prophets of the Israelites, the keeper of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. This structure is tower-like and made of brick. Externally the dome is a cone shaped one, but internally it is spherical. In its facade, this octagonal structure has shallow arches with tile work on the top. Between these arches are plain panels. The tomb is in the center of the structure.


Imamzadeh Abdollah, Hamadan 


 The same is located in the square by the same name. The structure is a 24 sided one and spherical in shape. Its facade has 12 arches and 12 supporting pillars. The lower portion of the structure, that is till a height of 90 cm. it has been constructed of hard stone after which brick has been used. Its dome, internally has been incrusted with colored limestone, above which is mirror-work. Within this structure are two tombs belonging to father and son by the names of Ahmad and Abdollah Ebne Ahmad, the descendants of Imam Moosa (A.S.)


Imamzadeh Azhar-ebne Ali, Razan 

 This structure is in the village of Darjezin, in Razan district. The said is a cylindrically shaped tower 20 m. in height and with 19 panels. It has a dome made of flat brick. Within the structure which is spherical, is the tomb. On this tomb is a wooden chest with inscriptions from versus of the Holy Qoran. The chest was constructed in the year 1056 AH. under the orders of Shah Abbas Safavid II. The actual tomb however, is in the basement. The said structure dates back to the Mongol period (7th century AH.). During the reign of Shah Abbas II (1056 AH.) it was repaired.

Imamzadeh Hood, Razan 


 This Imamzadeh is in the village of Yengi Qalleh in district of Razan. This twelve -sided structure is made of brick. The dome which most probably originally was conical in shape has been ruined, and presently has a barrel shaped or arched roof. The flooring of the cellar of this tower like structure is covered with wood. Remnants of blue tile-work can be noted in this building. This structure is related to the 8th century AH. (Mongol era).


Imamzadeh Khezr, Hamadan 

 The same is in the village of Khezr, located in the suburbs of Hamadan. This is a square structure having a dome. In addition to other artistic efforts internally, the fringes of the 'altar' are adorned with inscriptions in the 'tholth' and 'kufic' scripts. On the upper walls, verses from the famous poet 'Ferdowsi' can be noted. These are plaster engravings in the 'tholth' script. In the outer facade, inscriptions are also present. The Khezr hill is on historical record in Iran.


Mausoleums and Imamzadehs, Hamadan

Imamzadeh Mohsen (Kooh), Hamadan 


 This Imamzadeh is located in the village of Farajin (Hamadan). Since it is situated in one of the pleasant valleys in the slopes of the Alvand Mountains it is also known as Imamzadeh Kooh. The structure dates back to the Mongol era (8th century AH.) and is rectangular in shape. In the central part, are two joint tombs with two double covered domes, besides which there are two areas for nocturnal prayers. In one are the burial sites of three disciples of Hazrat Ali (A.S.) and in the other the tomb of Imamazadeh Mohsen (a descendent of Imam Hassan P. B.) is located.


Other Imamzadehs, Hamadan 


 Other Imamzadehs in Hamadan province are, Imamzadeh Aznav (Aiyn and Qeyn) in Kabudrahang, Imamzadeh Hossain and Imamzadeh Ahl-Ebne-Ali and Imamzadeh Yahya in Hamadan.

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