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hadith by Imam Hasan (A.S)

hadith by imam Hasan(A.S)

1 - Maxims by Imam Hassan peace be upon him when asked what piety is , Imam

Hassan , peace be upon him replied : " yearning for virtue and no longing for

this world . "


2 - When asked what manliness is . Imam answered : " protection of religion ,

self-respect , lenience , benevolence , discharging one's duties , and

showing amity towards people .


3 - When asked what generosity is , Imam said : donation before request

and feeding people during drought .


4 - When asked what parsimony is , Imam said : to consider what you have as

dignity and what you spend as waste .


5 - When asked what freedom from want is , Imam said : Being satisfied

with one's destiny , however meager it may be .


6 - When asked what poverty is , Imam said : greed for everything .


7 - When asked what dignity is , Imam said : agreeing with friends and

maintaining good neighbourly relations .


8 - When asked what meanness is , Imam said : self - centredness and having

no regard for one's wife .


9 - The person who takes refuge in God is relaxed and secure where as his

enemy is fearful and friendless .


10 - Be careful with God by frequently remembering Him , and be fearful

of God by being pious , and approach God through obedience , for indeed He is

near and responsive .


11 - The greatness of those who came to know his greatness lies in their

modesty . The dignity of those who came to know His glory lies in their

humbleness . The security of those who came to know His power lies in their

submission to God .


12 - You should know that God has not created you for no reason and that has

not left you to your own . He has determined your life time and divided your

sustenance among you so that every wise man know his share and understand what-

ever he receives has been predestined and that he would not receive that which

does not belong to him . God has provided you with sufficient in come to

have enough time to worship and thank Him . He made remembrance and prayer

obligatory and recommended you to be pious to gain his utmost satisfaction .


13 - O' servants of God ! Do have God fearing and do know that God enables

God fearing persons to overcome trials , and to succeed in their affairs . He

will also smooth the path of right for God-fearing people .

14 - Only those people who are properly guided consult one another .


15 - Meanness is to fail to thank God for His blessing .


16 - In quest , do not take victory for granted , do not trust predestination

like the yielding , for it is a tradition to be in quest of sustenance . Thus ,

moderation in search of one's livelihood comes from chastity which is not on

the way of sustenance .

By the same token , avarice does not increase sustenance . In deed , sustenance

has been predestined and avarice brings about sins .


17 - One is free as long as has not promised . However when one promises ,

he shoulders responsibility and shall not be released until he fulfils his

promise .


18 - The person having confidence in God's free-will ( satisfied with

divine destiny ) dose not wish to be in a state other than the one chosen for

him by God .


19 - The good without evil is thanking for the blessing and patience in

calamities and hardships .


20 - Imam , peace be upon him , said to a man just cured from a disease :

God remembered you , then you remember Him . He pardoned you , you

should thank him .


21 - Whoever regularly goes to the mosque will enjoy one of the following

eight benefits : a decisive verse , access to a helpful brother , new

knowledge , an expected mercy , a word leading him to the way of salvation or

salvation or saving him from death , quitting sins out of public shame , and

God-fearing .


22 - Indeed , the eyes with most clear - sightedness are those penetrating

good , the ears with sharpest hearing are those benefiting from advice , and the

purest hearts are those without any doubts .


23 - A man asked Imam Hassan peace be upon him , " I have a daughter , whom should

she marry ? " A man", answered the Imam , " of faith and God fearing for if

he loves her, he will respect her , and should he hate her won't do injustice

to her".


24 - Indeed , this world offers no everlasting blessing , nor one is

immune to its damages and evils . The world is a sham standing on the way to

happiness , an unreliable support .

25 - O' Servants of God ! Take advice from example , be admonished by the

effects of ancients , stop disobedience by remembering His blessings

and benefit from pieces of advice .


26 - Indeed , God made Ramazan a racing field of His people so that take

precedence to obtain His consent by obeying Him .


27 - I Swear by God , if the veil is lifted , it will be revealed that

benefactors are engaged in benefaction and that malfactors in wickedness .


28 - O' My son Fraternize nobody before knowing his distiny or origin .

Thus , after having come to know him and after having accepted to keep

company with him , enter in to a fraternity , provided you could pardon his

blunders and help him in hardships .

29 - When asked what fear is , Imam , peace be upon him , replied .

Showing bravery towards friends and running away from enemies .


30 - Infamy is easier than entering the Hell .


31 -Foolishness is tending to meanness and keeping company with the

misguided .


32 - Imam , peace be upon him , described his benefactor brother as follows :

I thought him to be the greatest of all . The secret of his greatness lay in

his low opinion of this world . Ignorance had no control on him . He did not

take any action unless he made sure that the action was useful . He never

complained,nor , did he get angry and distressed . He was silent for the

greater part of his life time and when he spoke , he was the most eluquent of

all . He looked weak ; how ever , he fought as bravely as a lion . At the

precence of scholars , he preferred listening to speaking . He spoke whenever

it was necessary , never saying anything he did not act upon and acting upon

things he did not speak about . When faced with two alternatives he was not

sure which one was more pleasing to God , he considered the alternative less

pleasing to himself . He did not blame anybody for doing something for

which there existed an acceptable excuse .


33 - An irrational person is rude , and a person with no ambition lacks

manliness , An infidel has no shame . Wisdom causes one to keep good

company with people . Happiness in both worlds is obtained by wisdom .


34 - I am astonished to see people thoughtful of their food , but unthoughtful

of their spiritual nourishment . They protect themselves against harmful

food , but fail to reject dirty and mean thoughts .


35 - Imam , the chosen one , peace be upon him , wore his best attire on

prayers . In response to those who had asked the reason , Imam said : " God is

beautiful and likes beauty , that is why I adorn myself at His presence .


36 - The only permanent phenomenon in this perishing world is Quran . There-

fore , let Quran be your Imam and leader to be guided . Indeed , those who

apply the teaching of Quran to their conduct , are the most deserving of the

Book , not withstanding they have not learnt it by heart .

And the farthest people from Quran are those not acting upon it's instructions ,

though they are able to recite it .


37 - O' people ! whoever with sincerity and devotion towards God ,

listens to His guidance , will be guided to the most righteous path and God

will assist him in knowledge and awareness to reach a happy end .


38 - A right question is tantamount to half knowledge , tolerance of people

is tantamount to a half of reason , and econmny is tantamount to a half of

expenditures .


39 - The highest degree of cleverness is God-fearing and piety , and the

highest degree of ignorance is gratifying one's passions .


40 - Friday night , I saw my mother worshipping till dawn bowing down and

prostrating herself . She offered petitions to many believers mentioning

their names , she did not offer any petition for herself , I therefore ,

asked her : " Mother , why did not you not offered any petition for yourself

as you did for others ? " " My son , " replied she , " Neighbours are to be

given priority over the members of the household amd oneself . "


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