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Historical Monuments,Yazd

Historical Monuments,Yazd

Chak Chakoo Fire Temple, Yazd 

 It is a place located amongst the mountains of Ardakan and Anjireh (on the way to Tabas) which is at a distance of 46 kilometers from Yazd. Chak Chakoo has its name for the water dripping from the stone-cut mountains. This vicinity has suitable accommodation for pilgrims.


Dar Mehr Fire Temple, Yazd 


 The Zoroastrian fire temples come under three categories in terms of importance: Dadgah fire that is lit at residence and has no consecration ceremony. It is lit by the Zoroastrian priests, but ordinary people could light it too.


Peer Harisht Fire Temple, Ardakan 


 This shrine is located at a distance of 15 km. in the Ardakan Road and is on the skirt of low lying mountains. Several rest houses and three water reservoirs have been built near this shrine. The Zoroastrians visit this region and stay there on (Farvardin 18th) or 7th April annually.



Varharam (Bahram), Yazd 

 This monument which is listed as one of the Yazd's architectural works has been built by Yazd's Zoroastrian and Indian Parsis under Mr. Arbab Jamshid's supervision and Guardianship, in 1934. The main building is amidst a large courtyard and on a height. The fire is located in a container higher than the ground level in a relatively large room protected from sunshine. This is surrounded by other chambers for worship. This Fire temple is in the fire temple lane Ayatollah Kashani Street.


 Other Fire Temples and Zoroastrian Religious Places, Yazd 


 Other Zoroastrian religious sites are as follows: The Peer Sabz Fire Temple ,Ardakan, Yazd Daremehr, Darekohan, Darbmehrnush and Daredastooran in Yazd, Pirangah Sarvocham, Pirshah and Varharam Izad in Khoram Shah, Pirmehriz in Abshahi,, Pirnarstaneh Nazdik in Bid, Pirbanu in Zarju Aqda Village, Pirnarly in south Yazd, Gahanbarkhaneh Mubadan in Dinihari Dabestan Lane.

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