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Ya- Aba-Saleh

In constancy of love for thee, renowned of the lovely ones I am-- like the candle;

Night-sitter in the street of head (life-) players and of profligates, I am-- like the candle.


Day and night, to my eye, grief-worshipping, sleep cometh not:

Since, in sickness of separation from thee, weeping, I am-- like the candle.


With the shears of grief for thee, severed became the thread of my patience;

So, in fire"s separation from thee, laughing (consuming) I am-- like the candle.                           


If hot moving (impetuous) had not been the steed of my rose-hued (bloody) tear,

In the world, when would my hidden mystery (love for thee) have become luminous-- like the candle.


In the midst of water and of fire, even so ardent of desire for thee is

This my heart, poor, feeble, tear-raining (guttering)-- like the candle.


In separation"s night, me a letter of union, send:

If not, in grief for thee, a great world I will cause to consume-- like the candle.


Night is my day without Thy beauty world-adorning;

With the perfection of love for Thee, in the very essence of loss, (consuming) I am,-- like the candle.


From the power of grief for thee, soft like wax became the mountain of my patience,

Since, in the water and the fire of love for thee, melting I am-- like the candle.


Like the morning, without a sight of thee, is left (only) a breath of life;

O heart-ravisher! Thy face, display; so that, on thee, my life I may scatter (in love"s consuming)-- like the  candle.


O neck-extender! (in grandeur) head-exalting make me, one night, by union with thee:

That by the sight of thee, luminous may become my hall-- like the candle?


Wonderful! in his head, Hafiz caught love"s fire for thee:

With the water (tear) of the eye, how may I quench the heart"s fire-- like the candle.


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