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Dovecotes, Maybod


 Many years ago, Maybod was part of Ardakan and recently it has turned to a township. Maybod is located in the northwest of the province, to its south is Yazd, to its west is Esfahan and to its north is Ardakan. Maybod is near the road between Tehran and Bandar Abbas, and it is located at a proximity to the Tehran - Kerman railway. Maybod is a word of middle persian diction which was given to this town during the Sassanide era. This name was repeatedly mentioned in the historical and geographical books of the early Islamic century. 

The town of Maybod is considered to be one of the rare unique examples of archaeological cities of Iran. Although the traditional structure of this town has been influenced and demolished, many of buildings and elements of the old town like the ancient roads, old castles and the remnants of ancient city are left to be seen. The most ancient document of urbanization of the territory of Yazd is the old building complex of Narenj (Narin) castle of Maybod. This ancient castle like a silent senile reveals a part of the long history of the people who lived here. Maybod city enjoys a valuable historical context which has in most parts maintained its traditional structure. This historical city was registered in the list of National Heritages of Iran in 2000; and Iran is planning to inscribe it in the list of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites.

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