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 Islam is a practical religion such that it proffers solutions to all worldly problems. "Dua" is the Vehicle that conveys the solutions while "Salat" is the lubricant.

"Salat" and "Dua" are two Arabic words commonly mistaken to be the same." Salat" is the devotional exercise, which is performed by assuming different bodily postures and reciting prayers such as "Subh" (Dawn) prayer while "Dua" means petition or supplication addressed to God by the supplicant. Concerning any matter, spiritual or temporal.

We are concerned with "Dua" commonly referred to as Prayer. It is quite unfortunate that some human beings feel they can only get their desires or needs through the assistance of fellow human beings. This is one reason some Muslims convert to other religions. They have forgotten that the supreme right of man on earth is to knock at the door of Almighty God as much and as frequently as he pleases. It is our birthright to approach God to seek His forgiveness and implore Him to fulfill our wishes. The All-hearing Creator, the King of the Universe and the Heavens is ever ready to give us a patient hearing and answer our prayers.

The Holy Prophet (SAW), says: "Destiny cannot be changed except with Prayer." I wish to state categorically here that if we can abstain from sins upon repentance and show good faith in Allah, he would answer all our prayers.

Prayer is a mysterious spiritual agency. It has access to God's throne. It is a ladder through which we can attain our needs and desires. It also helps in relieving us of sorrows, pains, difficulties and dangers. Furthermore, it serves as a shield against unforeseen calamities. We can only fight the battle of life with prayer and have faith in God to who belongs to all powers. To this end these are some of the prayers (Dua) of the Holy Prophet (SAW).



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