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Names, Titles and Nicknames of Lady Fatima(pbuh)

lady Fatima

Her name is Fatima (AS) and her other names are:

 Zahra, Seddiqeh, Tahereh, Mobarakeh, Batool, Razieh and Marzieh.

The word Fatima means separated and she is named Fatima (AS) because her followers are separated from the Hell because of her.

 Zahra means luminous and Imam Sadeq (pbuh) said:” When Fatima (AS) prayed, she shined for the heavens as the stars shine for people on earth”.

Seddiqeh means someone who says nothing except the truth.

 Tahereh means pure,

Mobarakeh means full of favor and blessing.

 Batool means separated from uncleanness

 Radhieh means satisfied with Allah’s fate and destiny

Mardhieh means laudable.

Muhaddathah means the one spoken to by angels

 We can also name her:

 Ensieh (heavenly lady),

Shahideh (martyr),

Afifeh (chaste),

 Sabereh (patient),

Mazloomeh (oppressed),

Om“al-Hassan (mother of Hassan (AS)),

 Om-al-Husain (mother of Husain (AS)),

Om-al-A -emmeh (mother of Imams)

Omm-e-Abiha , Omm-e-Abiha means mother of her father and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has given her this title and this shows that Fatima (AS) treated Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as his mother. This fact was proved throughout the history as she cured her father during the wars and when she was at home and many other cases.

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