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The Hadis of Kessa

lady fatima

Jâber Ibn Abdollâh Ansâri I God rest his soul I recounted that:" One day, I heard this story from the daughter of our Prophet. She said:" One day, I was at home when my beloved father came to see me and said:" Greetings to you, o Fâtemeh! " I replied to him:" And to you. O beloved Father! " He said:" I feel somehow weak..."

"Dearest father, I entrust you to God, so that He takes all your weakness


He asked her:" Would you please bring me my Yemeni mantle and envelop

me in it...?"

Fâtemeh did as she was told, and enveloped her father in it.

She related:" As I was looking at my father’s sweet face, I saw that it glowed

with such a splendid Light that my gaze couldn't endure it after a while... "

Fâtemeh continued and said:" Slightly less than an hour had passed, when

Hassan, my first born, came in to the room and greeted me. I answered him

back and told him: " Greetings to you, my beloved! O, Thou, the apple of my eyes! O, the sunshine of my heart! "

My son Hassan said:" Mother, I smell a sweet fragrance here... Is it that my beloved grandfather has come to see us? "

" Yes, my son! He is envelopped in his mantle [ Abâ ]..."

Hassan went near the abâ, and after a respectful greeting to him, asked permission to join his grandfather under the mantle:" Will you permit me, O beloved grandfather to join you under your abâ...? "

The Messenger of God answered him most tenderly:" And greetings to you my beloved son! O, thou who shall be the Garden of my Fountain in Paradise, on the Day of judgment! Of course you may enter...! "

After another hour, my second born son Hosseyn, entered the room, and in response to his greetings, I said:" Greetings to you, o my beloved little one!

Thou, the sunshine of my eyes! "

He said:" I smell a wonderful fragrance in this room... Is my grandfather

here? "

I answered him:" Yes! He’s under the abâ, and your brother is also with him. "

He approached his grandfather and after his respectful greetings to him, he too asked permission to join them.

My father answered him most lovingly:" And greetings to you, my beloved son! O, thou who shall be the Interceder of my people [ Ummah ] on the Day of judgment! Of course you may join me and your brother! "

Suddenly, Hazratê Ali Ibn Abi Tâlêb [May God's Greetings reach him!] entered the room, and after asking me about my welfare, he announced:" What a beautiful fragrance I smell in here! It's as though my beloved brother and cousin, our venerable Prophet has entered in this room...! "

I answered him back and said:" Yes, you are right indeed. He is with our two sons under the abâ..."

At that moment, Ali went also near the abâ, and after a most respectful greetings to my father, asked permission to enter and join them.

The Prophet answered him back:" Greetings to you, O, my beloved brother!

Thou, who shall be my heir and successor, and who shall keep up the banner of

Islam! Of course you may join us! "

At last, it was Fâtemeh’s turn to ask permission to join her family under the

abâ. The Prophet replied:" Of course you may join us, my beloved daughter! "

When all of them were under the abâ, the Messenger of God took the hem of his abâ in his left hand, and raised his right hand in the sky and declared:

“O God! These, are from my Household, and those I love dearly and tenderly! These are from my own flesh and blood. Whatever that will make them upset, will also upset me, and whatever that shall be a burden to them, shall be my burden too... Whoever wants to challenge or oppose them has challenged or opposed me. And whoever is in peace with them and shows them his friendship, is in peace with me, and shows his friendship to me. Whoever shows them his enmity shows his enmity towards me. And at last, whoever loves them and is devoted to them, is loving me, and is devoted to me. They come from me, and I come from them...

O Merciful God! $end Thy Greetings, Favors, Bounty, Abundance, Grace

and Forgivness to me and to them, and purify them from any unholiness and

wickedness whatsoever! "

At that moment, God announced graciously:" O, Angels of mine! O, You who reside in the Heaven! I did not make the sky, I did not create Earth, I did not create the moon and the sun, I did not let the waters flow, unless for the love of these five persons who are under the abâ...! "

At that moment, the Archangel Gabriel said:" O, God! Wouldst Thou permit me to go on Earth, and be the sixth person under this abâ ? "

God granted His Archangel this wish, and said:" Thou mayest go. "

The Archangel Gabriel came down to Earth and said:" O, Messenger of God!

Greetings to you! thy God Almighty has sent His Greetings to thee. He commands that everybody should respect you, and He says:" I swear by My Magnificence and My Greatness, that I did not make the sky, did not create Earth, I did not create the moon and the sun,  I did not let the waters flow, unless for the love of these five persons who are under the abâ...! "

He then granted me the permission to join you, and be one of you. Now, would you permit me to join you, o Messenger of God? "

The Prophet replied to him:" Greetings to thee, o Gabriel! O, thou who art entrusted with the Divine Revelations! I gladly permit thee to join us..."

The Archangel Gabriel then said:" Merciful God has sent thee a Revelation, and has announced:" God's Will is that all unholiness and all sins be forever out of thy family, and that you become purified and holy and free of all sins! "

At that moment, Ali asked from the Prophet:" O Messenger of God! Does our

presence under this abâ, 'has some special meaning, or some sort of a privilege

in God's Eye? "

The Prophet answered him:" I swear to God, I swear to He, Who chose me as the Prophet, that the news of our gathering under this abâ, shall not remain unnoticed in all the earthly gatherings in which all the people who love us verily and all the Shiites who are devoted to us, are participating. And everybody who listens to this story shall receive a great Reward and Favour from me. Be certain that in these gatherings, there will be many Angels, and they will ceaselessly ask Forgiveness for all the people who are present there, until the end of the gathering. "

Hazratê Ali Ibn Abi Tâlêb said then:" I swear to God Almighty that we have been saved and reached Salvation, and that God's Grace has reached us! I also swear to the God of Ka’ba that all the Shiits in this world and in the Hereafter shall be saved and forgiven! "

Then my beloved father declared:" O Ali! I swear to The Merciful God who chose me rightfully and made me His Messenger, that whenever the news of this gathering is recounted in any worldly gathering held by people who are devoted to our Household, it shall bring blessings and solace to them. And if any Shiite is affected per chance by some misfortune or sorrow, it will be taken away from him whitin the shortest time, and whatever his wishes may be, it shall be fulfilled most rapidly, and God shall free these Shiites from any problem whatsoever! "

Ali replied:" Then I swear to God, that we have been saved and received verily God's Grace! I swear to the God of Ka’ba that all the Shiites will also be saved and shall receive God's Grace! "

I truly hope that this translation has helped many Muslims who cannot read Farsi or Arabic, to have a relatively better knowledge of Hazratê Fâtemeh 's biography, and to have learned of the tribulations and sorrows that this great Lady had to suffer at the hands of her enemies...

I truly hope and wish that it has been accepted from me, as the most humble servant of this sweet, adorable, heavenly Lady among all the ladies who reside in Paradise, as a little token of my love and devotion to her...

May God bless you all, and may Hazratê Fâtemeyeh Zahrâ intercede for you all!

May God help us make the spiritual bond between us and the Household of Hazratêê Mohammê Mostafâ [Peace be upon him and his family!] ever so stronger! Goodbye dearest reader, from wherever you are...

Farideh Mahadavi-Damghani

August 2001

[ from Tir Publishing ]


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