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The Dandelion 


    “We’ll do something. We’ll go to the park together and look for a dandelion until we find one.”

   “Are you listening?”

   “Then we’ll tell it to go to daddy and tell him to send us another dandelion.”

   He lifted his head and said: “Not one, but two.”

   “Why two?”

   “One for me and one for you.”

   “That’s good idea. Then let’s go darling. Get up dear.”

   He looked at me with uncertainty and said:

   “Will he send one?”

   “Why shouldn’t he? Didn’t he send this one?”

   “How long will it take?”

   “It depends on when we send our dandelion.”

   He wiped his tears with the back of his hand.

   “Come on, let’s go, wash your face.”

   “I’ll wash it myself.”

   He said and went towards the toilet. Oh brother! I took his red trousers and yellow shirt out of the cupboard. I smelled Hashem’s coat sleeve. It has more of a lingering smell of my perfume than the smell of Hashem’s body.

   “Dearest Hashem!”

   I said and took out a small white bundle from under the other bundles. I opened the knot, inhaled the fragrance of his undershirt and let the tears come.

   “I still haven’t washed the vest you wore before you left. It smells so much like you. It is the smell of a man who I depended on. And I have hid it only for myself.”

   This is the only thing that I wouldn’t give Omid, even if he brought down the house. I only let him smell it once.

   But do you know what happened? He became even more restless!”

 I asked him:

   “Are you going to put on your clothes or do you want me to put it on for you?”

   He picked his shirt and trousers and looked at them.

   “I don’t like these.” He said.

   “You don’t like these?” But you always insisted on wearing them.”

   He threw the cloths on the bed and said:

   “I won’t wear these.” And sat on the edge of the bed.

   “But they’re really nice.”

   He stared at my socks and said: “My black one’s!”

   What games the little brat plays! I knew resisting would be in vain. I took his black cloths out of the cupboard and said:

   “Here you go sir!” I put the cloths beside him.

   “Do you want me to put it on for you?”

   “I want to...” He said and tried to take off his shirt but it got stuck around his head.

   “Mum!” He shouted.

   I laughed quietly, took off his shirt and just as he was about to move, I pulled down his shirt over his head and straightened it on him. He was blushing. He put his hand on my shoulder, lifted first his right leg and then his left leg into the trousers’ legs.

   “I won’t wear white socks.”

   “But you used to really like these white ones.”


   “You don’t have black socks.”

   Unwillingly he put on the white socks. He looked like a real man! I put on my scarf and picked up my veil. He was waiting for me in front of the door. He had put on his black shoes. What posture! You’ll have to ask for an appointment just to walk with him! We went out. Mrs. Pasha was just going home with a crate of eggs.

   “Don’t you look nice Mr. Omid? God bless you.”

   “We’re going to the park.”

  “Take this little finger of mine with you, Mr. Omid!”

  Omid put his hands in his pockets and smiled.

  “Dear Azar, what’s new?”

  “I think we’ll be leaving soon.”

   “Do you know how upset I am? I really got used to you, ma’am. We’ll never have a tenant as good as you!”

  “I’m really comfortable here as well, but mum and dad are upset. Hashem’s parents also...”

  “Still, I love you like my own daughter.”

  “You are so kind.” I said and kissed her.

  “I cannot compete with Omid either. He keeps on quarreling. I think it would be better for him to have a lot of people around him.” I said more quietly.

   “May God be with you.”

   Omid had gone too far ahead. I reached him and said:

   “Why are you going so fast boy?”

   “It will get dark.”

   “We still have a long time till it gets dark.”

   I held his hand as I was in need of someone. For you who aren’t here. The park was deserted.      Omid ran after a butterfly and shouted:

   “Should we catch this and send it?”

   “No darling, just dandelions.”

   I looked in every direction till I found one near the garden around the pond and called out:


   He ran towards me quickly.

   “Here’s a beautiful dandelion for daddy.”

   Slowly he picked up the dandelion.

   “Are your hands wet?” He shouted.

   “Don’t worry.” I said and went towards a bench near the pond that was under q Weeping    Willow and sat down. Omid brought his hand forward and said: “Give it to me.”

   “Are your hands wet?” I asked.

   “No way.” He said and took the dandelion.

   “Be careful the wind doesn’t blow it away.”

   He held the dandelion between the palm of his hands.

   “Is it smaller than daddy’s dandelion?” He asked.

   “I think so.”

   “What should we do now?”

  His voice was shaking.

  “We have to think of a message to send to Hashem.”

   “Shouldn’t we take it home?”

   “Why should we take it home? It will send our message from right here and we’ll send it off.    Look at the wind blowing!”

   “You say something first.” Omid said.

Omid looked at me with inquiring eyes.

   “Blow it away.”

   “From here?”


   He stood up, filled up his cheeks with air and then blew on the dandelion. The dandelion was set free, it went up a bit and stood still in the air.

The wind blew and took the dandelion with it. Omid ran after it. The dandelion faded into the light.

   I cannot see it anymore.” Omid shouted.

   “It’s gone to Hashem.”

   “Will it reach him soon?”

   “Yes, very soon.”

   His hands returned into his pockets. With a drawn face he stared at the sky.

   “Would you like to go and play on the slide?” I said.

   He shook his head.

   “Would you like me to buy you something?”

   Again he shook his head.

   “What then? What would you like to do?”

   He started shuffling his legs.

   “Will daddy’s dandelion come here?” He asked.

   “No, it will go home.”

   “Then let’s go home.”

   “But it won’t arrive so quickly.”

   “What if it does?”

   I took advantage of the opportunity. May be if I have time I can take a nap.

“Fine, if it worries you so much we can go.” I said and got up.

   My yawning was beginning to get on my nerves. I put the few remaining Chaghalehs in the fridge and lay on the bed. I took off my scarf as I was lying down.

   “Shouldn’t we leave the window open?” Omid asked.

   “It’s cold.”

   “Then how will the dandelions come in?”

   “Oh, yeah...”

   How hard it was for me to get up, open the window and throw myself on the bed again.

   Won’t you sleep?” I said.

   He yawned and said: “What if the dandelion comes?”

   “Then we’ll wake up.”

   “Won’t it go away if it sees us asleep?”

   “No, it will wait until we get up.”

   He laid down next to me.

   “Won’t you take off your clothes?”


    “It will get creased.” I said without any energy and fell asleep. I though I heard Omid calling me continuously. I didn’t have any strength now. Completely dark.

   “O Omid!” I said and sat up. I felt around the bed, he was next to me. I felt at rest after hearing his quiet breathing. It was only then that I felt a presence in the room and moved back terrified. A shape emerged from the darkness. It was a mass of light, blue in color.


   “Are you afraid of me?”


  “I’ve come to say good-bye...I’m going.”

   As the blue light filled the bed I calmed down.

   “But you haven’t even arrived yet!” I said and called out:

   “Omid...Omid...your father...get up...Hashem has come instead of the dandelions!” And I got up from the bed, stepped forward and said:

   “Why have you turned this color Hashem?”

   “Take care of yourself and Omid and don’t be restless.”

If I had sat on the edge of the bed, I probably would have fallen off. Hashem spread himself on the bed. The blue light consumed Omid.

   Quietly and short of energy I said: “O Omid...”

   Omid opened his eyes. Feeling Hashem’s presence.

   He said: “Dad...daddy.” And embraced his arms around Hashem’s neck.

   “Get up son, get up and receive your dandelions.” Hashemi said, pointing towards the window and disappeared slowly. Omid sat up. The glowing dandelions were entering the room. They were countless.


   The dandelions were spreading their light so that the room had lit up. We started crying and hugged each other. The dandelions twirled around us and anyone of them that happened to sit on our head or face, shone and then turned off.

   The sound of our crying had turned into wails.

   The doorbell rang continuously. I hugged Omid and went into the parlor. The dandelions followed us, the parlor lit up. I opened the door. It was Hashem’s parents and Mrs. Pasha. All three pair of eyes became astonished. The dandelions surrounded Hashem’s parents as well as   Mrs. Pasha slapped herself.

   Astounded she said: “Oh my God!”


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