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  • 5/26/2007

Entezami doubly honored by UNESCO

Ezzatollah Entezami

The office of UNESCO in Tehran paid tribute to the titan of stage and screen Ezzatollah Entezami at a ceremony held on May 24 at the Sadabad Cultural Historical Complex.   Entezami attended the opening ceremony of "the Bam Model School Complex” which was inaugurated last month in Bam and which has been initiated by UNESCO.

Speaking at the ceremony, Entezami said that he was greatly honored to be able to cooperate with UNESCO, and expressed his willingness to be of assistance to the organization in the future. He added, “The invitation of the UNESCO office in Iran to the inauguration ceremony of "the Bam Model School Complex” was very pleasing for me and I hope such complexes will be established for youth in all parts of the country.” Abdin Saleh, the director of the UNESCO Office in Tehran commented, “it is a great honor for UNESCO to have such a popular, cultural figure on its side, and we hope we can make further use of him and his cooperation.”

Amir-Shahab Razavian, director of the movie “Mina of the Silent City” was also honored at the ceremony. Participating in the ceremony, Razavian noted, “every filmmaker wants his film to be screened in a large place and with a big audiences, and I am happy that the UNESCO office provided the opportunity for the film “Mina of the Silent City” to be shown in front of the Bam Citadel in the presence of 10,000 viewers.”

“Mina of the Silent City”, in which Entezami played the major role, was screened early in May at a ceremony held in the open air in front of the devastated Bam citadel. The curator of the Sadabad complex, Afshin Karami, also expressed his gratitude to the UNESCO office for its activities in Bam, and said, “We will try to organize the Bam complex with high standards and turn it into a first class model for Asia and the world.”

“We consider art as the pride of a culture and a multicultural language which can unite all cultures, and this is the goal of the UNESCO office in Tehran,” Karami concluded.

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