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  • 5/5/2007

Khatami: America, main problem of region

khatami,Romano Prodi

Italian Prime Minister, Romano Prodi described America"s policies in the Middle East as serving tension and insecurity in the region.

According to the IRIB reporter in Rome, Prodi in his meeting with the Head of the International Foundation of Dialogue among Cultures and Civilizations criticized America"s performance in the region adding that "Americans" illogical policies have plunged the region into tensions."

"One of America"s big mistakes was occupying Iraq," Prodi said, adding "Unfortunatly Americans are not able to settle the ever deepening crisis which have been created by their wrong policies."

Italian Prime Minister welcomed the idea of dialogue among cultures and civilizations and described Islamic Republic of Iran"s role in this regard as considerable.

"Balance of power in the Middle East has turned in favor of Iran so the Islamic Republic of Iran must be paid a due sahre in settling the regional crises.

Expressing hope that Iran"s nuclear issue would be settled as soon as possible, Prodi underlined that most countries are in agreement over peaceful nature of Iran"s nuclear technology.

Former Iranian President, Sayyed Mohammad Khatami for his part said "the main problem in the region is America, because wherever in the region there is a crisis or conflict, you can see secret and apparent traces of America"s policies.

Khatami said unless the Palestinian issue is settled and as long as the Zionist regime and America continue their hegemonic policies and Palestinians remain deprived of their primary rights, it is impossible to reach a constant and comprehensive peace in the region. 

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