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Islands, Bushehr

Khark Island, Bushehr 

picture of A Natural Landscape of Khark Islan (Bushehr)

A Natural Landscape of Khark Islan (Bushehr)

The Khark Island has a population of more than 10.000 and is located 57 km. north west of Bushehr and 38 km. from Genaveh. This coral reef island has a length of 8 km. and is 4-5 km. in breadth. It has native trees, and thence to a small extent fruits like banana, citrus and dates are cultivated here. This Island having some historical relics is one of the oldest in the vicinity.

Kharkoo Island, Bushehr 

This island is situated north east of Khark Island and is considered to be an important island regarding cargos such as crude oil.

Omol Karam and Nakhiloo Island, Bushehr 

These two islands located in the southern coast of the province are devoid of inhabitants. The Nakhiloo Island is the area where giant tortoises inhabit and it has made this area environmentally important.

Other Islands, Bushehr 

Other Islands in the Bushehr province are named as follows: Sheef, Abbasak, Goram, Notaf, Mooqi, Maad and Chenaqi Islands.

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