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  • 4/14/2007

Iran's nuclear progress based on int'l law: Lebanese expert

Professor in international law in the University of Lebanon Hassan Jouni said here Friday that nuclear progress made by Iran did not run counter to international law and treaties.

Speaking to IRNA, Jouni said the Non-Proliferation Treaty authorizes all countries to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, adding Iran is committed to the NPT.

He stated that capability of a developing state to produce nuclear energy plays a very significant role in future developments in economic and industrial fields.

Iran's nuclear achievements were tantamount to progress of the Islamic world and all developing states which the US and its allies strive to prevent them of scientific and industrial development, he said.

The expert assessed Iran as an important model of scientific and technological progress which would not yield to any compromise in this field and said Tehran resists against the US policies and relies on power of its own nation.

He said Iran's proposal on transfer of nuclear technology to Islamic states was a sort of solidarity against the imperialism.

Jouni added that the US and Zionist regime violate the NPT while Tehran is committed to it, stressing it would be in favor of Iran because it would boost its allies in confrontation with the US.

Based on religious orders, Iran prohibits production of nuclear weapons and regards it as against Islam, the base of the Islamic Republic of Iran, he said.

Pointing to the Resolutions 1737 and 1747 adopted by the UN Security Council on imposing sanctions against Iran, the professor stated that the council is well known to be dominated by the US, adding decisions made by the council against Iran were

Source : Irna

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