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Special Villages, Bushehr

Ahram Village Areas, Tangestan

Ahram Village Areas (Bushehr)

The word Ahram is a collegial form of the word 'Eram' meaning the 'Garden of Paradise'. As there are numerous citrus fruits, orchards and plenty of natural springs around this area. In Ahram of Tangestan there are the relics of two military forts. One belonged to the Khans (governors) of Tangestan and the other to the Zar Khezer Khan clan of Tangestan. Mausoleums such as Imamzadeh Jafar, Zainabol Shohada, and Imamzaeh Aqa Mir Ahmad are near this village.

Khormoj Village Areas, Dashti

This territory is in the township of Dashti. The reputed castles of Khormoj a part of which is known as the Mohammad Khan castle, and the other called the Jalal Khan castle is located in this area. Both these personalities were 'Khans' of the Qajar era.

Other Special Village Atmospheres, Bushehr

Other special rural areas of Bushehr can be named as follows: The village of 'Chahar Roostaie' (Territory of Genaveh) having four pilgrimag sites. The village of 'Kamali' (Genaveh), the village of "Gomaroon' (Genaveh) having two ancient mosques and a place of pilgrimage. The village of 'Lilietan' (Daylam) having two places of pilgrimage and an ancient castle called the Mohammad Ali Khan castle.

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