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  • 3/12/2007

Samand production line launched in Syria

Samand production line in Syria was inaugurated by the presence of Iran and the Syrian President.

"The inauguration of this production line is a symbol of mutual cooperation between Tehran and Damascus and can serve as an example for other regional countries," said Parviz Davoudi in this ceremony while adding that mutual cooperation was the best way to stand against the recent crises in the region.

"Iran and Syria are currently facing various crises which cooperation between the two sides can serve as the best way to face them," he added.

Also Bashar al-Assad stated that the inauguration of this production line was a step towards Syria's independence.

Iran plans to allocate 40 percent of the Syrian car market to itself and it is estimated to bring in 220 million dollars annually for Iran's industry.

This production line after being completed in addition to supplying the Syrian market is to serve as a base for export to Syria's neighbor countries.

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