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Old Mosques, Ardabil

A'zam Mosque, Ardabil

Ardabil Jame' (Jomeh) Mosque, Ardabil

Mirza Ali Akbar Mojtahed Mosque, Ardabil

Ardabil A'zam Mosque, Ardabil

It is a rather modernly designed mosque and is an imitation of Sheikh Safi's "Allah Allah" Dome. It is decorated by bricks and turquoise tiles. The origin of this mosque goes back to the Qajar period but it has been renovated and reconstructed recently.

Ardabil Jame' (Jomeh) Mosque, Ardabil

Ardabil Jame (Jomeh) Mosque, Ardabil

This is a remaining from the Saljuqian period. In the walls of the minarets there are two inscriptions belonging to about 700 years ago. These have been transferred to a museum. Ceramic and other objects discovered at this site belong to about 600 years ago (Saljuqian period). Other inscriptions which are not in a good conditions date back to the 3rd or 4th centuries.

Mirza Ali Akbar Mojtahed Mosque, Ardabil

This rather luxurious mosque is located in the center of the city near Ardabil Bazaar. The dome of the mosque is standing on 30 pillars with a diameter of about 88 cm. each. These pillars are ordered in six columns and five rows. The mosque has two pulpits, one wooden and the other as a rolling chair.

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