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  • 2/12/2007

Parents should encourage kids" activity

If your child isn"t getting enough exercise, a new study says parents shouldn’t blame the television. According to the study, parents need to take a more active role in getting their kids outside.

As kids get older, they tend to spend less time playing outdoors and more time in front of the TV or computer screen.

Exasperated parents often turn off the television in the hopes that it will inspire their kids to get more exercise. A new study, however, suggests that parents may have to specifically encourage physical activity rather than merely reducing TV viewing.

In a large study of over 10,000 boys and girls, researchers found that changes in TV viewing time were largely unrelated to how much exercise the kids got.

Previous research has shown similar results; kids whose computers or televisions are taken away just find other reasons to lie around the house.

While experts said it"s good to limit children"s TV time, parents also must find ways to engage their kids in physical activity.

Play ball with them outside, go for swim or a bike ride, or just take a walk in the park or participate in school or town sports.

(Source: WKRN.com)

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