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  • 2/7/2007

Iranians will Defend N. Rights

Head of Judiciary Ayatollah "Hashemi Shahroudi" stressed that Iranian people will unanimously defend its nuclear rights and show its opposition to bullying powers in their densely crowded rallies on February 11.

February 11 marks anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution over the former Pahlavi regime in Iran back in 1979.

Addressing a ceremony to renew allegiance with the ideals of the founder of the Islamic Republic and Islamic Revolution in the holy shrine of the Late Imam Khomeini in southern Tehran on Monday, Shahroudi described the nuclear progress as among the most valuable achievements of the Islamic Revolution during the last 28 years.

He stressed the point that the Iranian nation would certainly come to the scene on February 11 rallies to defend its inalienable right of access to civilian nuclear technology.

"Despite what is desired by the world arrogance and western countries, Iranian people and officials will stand hand in hand in February 11 rallies to show the entire world that the Islamic Iran stands up to the bullying and expansionist stances and demands of the United States," the judiciary chief underlined.

He further reminded that the solidarity and unity of the Shiite and Sunnite Muslims has remarkably grown in the post-Islamic Revolution Iran, and said that the ruling system of the country always seeks to increase understanding and companionship of the Shiites and Sunnites.

"Yet, there seems to be a sinister plot being formed by the world arrogance and such deviated movements as al-Qaeda, which principally seeks to sow seeds of discord between the Shiites and Sunnites," the senior cleric said, and further called on the whole Muslim population to show vigilance and unity and stand up to such conspiracies.

He viewed repeated failures of the world arrogance in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and other Muslim countries as the main drive for devising such plots against Muslims, and called on Muslim officials to be watchful of such conspiracies and to strive to enhance solidarity and unity among different Islamic faiths.

Source: Fars News Agency

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