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Chicken Run

Runtime: 84 min

Country: UK

Language: English

Directed by: Peter Lord,Nick Park

Writing credits: Peter Lord & Nick Park

Genre: Animation / Family / Comedy

Taglines for Chicken Run

This Ain't No Chick Flick!

Escape or Die Frying.

A Few Good Hen.

There's Nothing More Determined Than Poultry With A Plan.

She's Poultry In Motion.

Feathers will Fly!

The Lone Free Ranger.

It's Chicken Impossible.

A Chicken Will Rise!

The Cluck Stops Here.

Run, Don't Walk!

Plot Outline: Ginger is one of the chickens at the Tweety Egg Farm, who is capable of escaping (and desperately wants to) but is constantly being held back by her incompetent partners. One night, feeling failed and depressed after a chicken is axed, she wanders out to the gate, where she sees a rooster triumphantly flying through the air. After crashing and injuring his wing, Ginger takes him in and learns he's Rocky Rhodes, a cocky American who enjoys freedom - in fact, he escaped from a circus when she found him. In exchange for protecting him when the circus arrives asking for him, Ginger makes a deal with Rocky that he will teach them to fly so they can escape. Taking advantage of the situation, Rocky woos the chicken, irritating Ginger "Doll-Face" and organizer Officer Fowler, formerly of the Royal Air Force, in the process. Meanwhile, the Tweetys have purchased a machine to make chicken pies out of, intending to cook every last one of them.

Cast and credits

Phil Daniels....  Fetcher (voice)

Lynn Ferguson....  Mac (voice)

Mel Gibson....  Rocky (voice)

Tony Haygarth....  Mr. Tweedy (voice)

Jane Horrocks....  Babs (voice)

Miranda Richardson....  Mrs. Tweedy (voice)

Julia Sawalha....  Ginger (voice)

Timothy Spall....  Nick (voice)

Imelda Staunton....  Bunty (voice)

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