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  • 1/31/2007

Rafsanjani calls for national unity

Iran-Friday Prayers-Rafsanjani

Tehran's substitute Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani by referring to the enemies' conspiracies said national unity must be maintained and those who cause discord should not be let make trouble.

Addressing thousands of worshipers in Tehran Friday Prayers, Rafsanjani said, "Dividing people and making them indifferent because of monopoly is a deadly poison for the country."

"Current situation is not normal," the ayatollah said, adding," We must take the psychological war to the enemy's house."

Rafsanjani said Iranians should overwhelmingly participate in the February 11, 2007 (Bahman 22, 1385) rallies, marking 28th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution victory, just like the days of the revolution which forced Shah to withdraw from power.

Tehran's substitute Friday Prayers leader continued, "We are relatively in a hard situation. Our enemies, after repeated failures, have returned with new tactics."

In nuclear dossier, they are making pressure on us to relinquish our rights in achieving nuclear technology, Rafsanjani added.

In spite of adopting an anti-Iranian resolution, the enemies keep trying to use other tricks and triggering strange psychological wars against us.

This is an ominous plan to intimidate people and to affect their lives and to weaken our economy, Rafsanjani said.

"We must have unity, under the auspices of Islam, to confront such wide conspiracies."

"Today, Americans are not as strong as they used to be. However, the Iranian nation is stronger than the past."

Rafsanjani said Americans "have been trapped" in Iraq and Afghanistan because of their "bullying and mismanagement" and have not been able to get people's support.

He also referred to the situation in Palestine and said the plan called "Roadmap" has been defeated and the Zionist regime had a "disgraceful" defeat in Lebanon.

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