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World’s longest mud wall



Darabgard historical city, considered  as one  of  the  oldest  cities  of Iran and the world, is  the  first  capital  of Sassanian Empire, whose history can be traced back to more than 2500 years ago, i.e. to the Achaemenid era.

The city was made circular for security reasons and a giant pyramidal wall, made of bole, stone and lime mortar was made around the city whose height is more than 10 meters. This wall has been eroded by the passage of time and now its height is around 7 meters. The existence of sticky materials in the mixture of mortar and mud used in the wall has helped it remain stable and firm with little damage despite the passage of 2500 years.

For more protection  a big  ditch was dug behind  the  wall of  the  city,  making   access to  the  city  very  hard  in  case  of  a threat.
The depth of the ditch was more than 10 meters and its width around 50 meters. However, this part has been eroded. The  ditch  was  always  full of  water  and  according to  historians  there  were  certain species of plants  in it, which  would  wrap  around the feet of  those  trying to enter the  ditch to  prevent  them  from  swimming. The water  required  for  the  ditch  was  provided  by  the surrounding  rivers  like  Bal  River.
Darabgard City’s mud wall as the world’s largest and widest 2500-year-old wall is not still registered in the World Heritage List. According to experts the city is not only eligible to be registered in UNESCO’s list but some measures have been taken to get it registered with The Guinness World Records. The length of the wall around this Achaemenid era city is about 6 Km.
According  to  old  historians  and  geographers Darabgard  city  was  very  thriving until  sixth  century hegira, but  because  of  devastating  attacks  and  civil wars  it  was ruined and  destroyed. Its inhabitants after migrating from Darabgard to Tang Ranbe Visbar moved to current Darab City. There is no distance from current Darab City to historical salty dome of Darabgard City.
By Rahimeh Zargar

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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