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Subject of Islamic Contemplation


The Prophet (PBUH) of Islam’s Important Recommendation on Contemplation
Subject of Islamic Contemplation
Religious teachings and wisdom encourage Muslims to think and contemplate on important affairs on one hand, and on the other hand, prevent them from wrongdoing and incorrect thinking. Incorrect thought about other Muslims and suspicion on religious brothers are the two seriously prohibited behaviors in Islam.
As Islam places special emphasis on contemplation, the subjects of thought and contemplation have been also specified in this religion. On this basis, the best subject for contemplation is constant thought about the Almighty God and His Power. This is because this kind of contemplation has been called an act of worship, and Imam Ali (A.S) says “The best form of worship is to contemplate about God and His Power.”
Another subject of contemplation is thinking about the futurity of affairs and end results of what man does. The Prophet (PBUH) of Islam recommended a believer that “It is my recommendation that when you want to do something, think about its end first. If it is a means of intellectual development and guidance, then do it; and if it becomes a cause of wrongdoing, leave it.”
Also he has said: “The Almighty God likes to consolidate what each one of you does based on contemplation.” This is important to the degree that consolidation of life and its criterion depend upon contemplation.

Imam Ali (A.S) says: “Firmness of life depends upon wise planning and its evaluation depends upon good farsightedness.” Therefore, the basis of all worships and other Islamic practices in all areas from the individual life to the social life, and in the entire worldly and heavenly life is based on contemplation.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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