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Baarikaan village in region of Taleqan, Ghazvin Province

baarikaan village

Baarikaan, another village in Taleqan is a beautiful village in the region with a command over Taleqan Dam. With an altitude of 2350 meters above sea level, this mountainous village is 135 kilometers distant from Tehran.

In the local dialect, the word Baarikaan means a fertile place with agricultural products. Since old days the village has had various agricultural and gardening products owing to the painstaking efforts of farmers and fertility of the soil.

The water needed for farming is provided from the permanent river of Baarikaan Roodkhaneh and the seasonal river of Kamiki Roodkhaneh and also a number of springs in the area.

According to the historical documents, today's Baarikaan village was formed at the time of the rule of Nader Shah of the Afshari dynasty. We should also mention that Taleqan region including Baarikaan village has undergone numerous earthquakes in the past.

Locals of Baarikaan are Shiite Muslims. There has been practiced a kind of cooperation between the locals of this village and other villages of Taleqan, especially among women. This cooperation has been developed with the aim of supporting the rural animal husbandmen especially those who possess only a few cattle. In this cooperative activity, the villagers take turns to collect the milk taken from all the cattle in the villages to produce dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, butter, and cream. In this way all families can have an adequate amount of milk.
Source: irib.ir

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