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Beauties of Helleh lagoon

helleh lagoon

Helleh River, which is the confluence of the Dalaki salt water stream and the Shapour fresh water stream, is the source of the waters of this lagoon. This lagoon was formed in 1964, due to the overflow of Helleh River that filled up the low lying plain. Helleh River is divided into two northern and southern branches. Its northern branch flows into the Persian Gulf and its southern branch forms the Helleh lagoon.
Helleh lagoon is considered one of the most invaluable lagoons of Iran in which both salty and sweet waters are mixed. This natural condition has created an ideal place for a variety of animals and bird in view of the short distance between the Persian Gulf waters and dry land.

The sediments of the lagoon have led to the growth of dense foliage that nourishes a variety of marine life including fish and shrimps. Helleh lagoon is considered among the special and invaluable regions for scientific studies. In winter, migratory birds flock to the lagoon.
Tropical forests surround Helleh lagoon, affectively regulating the temperature of the Bushehr region. In addition, this forest acts like a bulwark against high velocity winds. Jackals, fox, and wolf are the most important animals found in Helleh protected area. Birds in this region are divided into two types, indigenous and migratory.
From among the indigenous birds of this region are doves and pigeons. Helleh Lagoon and its surrounding areas are among regions which are home to a large population of migratory birds, most of which come in winter from Siberia to nest and hatch eggs.
Source: irib.ir

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