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Fat Burning Drinks To Help You Lose Weight


When it comes to weight loss, there's no lack of diets promising fast results. There are low-carb diets, high-carb diets, low-fat diets, grapefruit diets, cabbage soup diets, and blood type diets, to name a few. But no matter what diet you may try, to lose weight, you must take in fewer calories than your body uses. Most people try to reduce their calorie intake by focusing on food, but another way to cut calories may be to think about what you drink.
However, there are some types of drinks that will speed up the fat burning and help you lose weight quicker than you normally would, and here you will some of the most efficient ones:
Vegetable Juices
Vegetable juices are very helpful in reducing weight. Eating raw vegetables, especially vegetables with fiber, aids in weight loss. But, by consuming vegetable juices, you will be able to feel fuller easily. You will also get all the necessary fibers, nutrients from the vegetable juices.
• Regular consumption of fresh fiber rich vegetable juices will reduce food cravings and you will never feel like eating heavily as it will easily fill your stomach.

Definitely the best drink for weight loss, water is calorie free but can still fill you up. Studies have found that drinking water before eating cause people to eat less during the meal. It has also been found that water in fact stimulates the metabolism, increasing the number of calories you burn. It is thought that increasing your water intake by two glasses a day can lead to a 30% increase in metabolic rate. It is also important to drink plenty of water for many other reasons. Even slight dehydration can lead to lack of energy, poor skin, constipation and lack of concentration. It´s also just about the only drink that´s free, so there´s no excuses not to drink up!

Green Tea
While both black and green tea are calorie free and therefore suitable for weight loss, green tea extract containing polyphenols and caffeine have been found to cause thermogenesis and increase fat oxidation, which in turn may increase metabolic rate slightly. Although it is unlikely to boost the rate enough to cause significant weight loss. Green tea also boasts a host of other benefits such as high levels of flavonoids, which are antioxidants that help fight cancer. Studies have also suggested that heart attack risk is reduced with regular intake of green tea.
Yoghurt Smoothies
Yoghurt is rich in calcium and is very effective in reducing weight. Yoghurt has the properties of burning fat easily and it is an ideal ingredient that will help your body to lower the fat production.
• Add about half a cup of yoghurt in your favorite smoothie and blend it in a mixer.
• Drink this special yoghurt smoothie once or twice a day to reduce fat deposits in your body.
Coconut Water

One of the natural and energized drinks that you will come across on this planet is tender coconut water. It will help in boosting your metabolism and is loaded with electrolytes. It is normally suggested drink for people suffering from stomach problems and ulcers.

• Drinking one to two glasses of coconut water everyday will provide all the necessary energy boost that you need for an entire day.
• It will help in speeding the metabolism and also helps in flushing out all the toxins produced in your body.
Cinnamon Tea
Blood sugar has a direct impact on your weight as it affects how hungry and how energetic you are (if you have energy you’re much more likely to exercise!) If your blood sugar is balanced you are less likely to have a disproportionally large appetite, and your body will be more apt to use fat (energy) rather than storing it. While debate about its effectiveness drags on, more and more preliminary studies are coming out showing that cinnamon can help manage blood sugar levels, so why not whip up a spicy cinnamon tea?
You will need…
-1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
-1 cinnamon stick
-8 ounces of fresh water
Place the cinnamon in a mug and cover with 8 ounces of boiling water. Steep for 15 minutes before straining. Drinking 1-2 times a day.
Black Pepper and Lemon Juice
This spicy little concoction contains black pepper and lemon juice to create a drink that can help you keep ahead on your weight loss battle. Black pepper contains a naturally occurring chemical compound called piperine, which is responsible for giving it its pungent flavor. Several new studies have shown that piperine can interfere with the genes that control the generation of fat cells, as well as reducing fat levels in the blood stream and enhancing the absorption of nutrients from our foods. Lemon juice can help aid in digestion and give your G.I. track a helping hand when it comes to breaking down foods.

You will need…

-Several sprinkles of freshly ground black pepper
-Juice of half a lemon
-Fresh water
Mix lemon juice with water and sprinkle in black pepper (about 3-4 turns of the pepper grinder.) Drink once daily after a meal.

Compiled by Manizheh Soleimani Fard


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