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Parizad Moradi a poetess from Bushehr

parizad moradi

Parizad Moradi was born in Harmik Village, city of Jam, in the southern Province of Bushehr in 1964.

Although she has not undergone any academic training, she is a poetess. She pens lyrics that embody the warmth and sincerity of southern Iranians. She has written over 1,500 couplets and has published a book on elegies regarding Imam Hussein (A.S), the third Imam of Shiites who sacrificed everything for the sake of Islam.

She never had the opportunity of going to school due to poor facilities in her birthplace. Her brothers used to go to Maktabkhaneh (an old-fashioned school). There she learnt the alphabets and began to read words.
Purchasing poetry books of Hafez and Baba Taher was the best event in her life. When she read the poems, she felt life had gained a special meaning.
Gradually, she became familiar with the works of other poets.
In 2003, she felt some poems flowed from her soul.
Anybody who reads her poems is surprised by the charming simplicity of her lyrics.
She said her husband’s encouragement was effective in her success.
Moradi has won titles in many poetry competitions. She was acclaimed as an eminent poetess of Bushehr Province.
Her father financially helped her to publish her poetic works.
Source: Iran Daily

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