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NUS National University of Singapre

NUS amongst top three global universities in Asia and Australasia


he National University of Singapore (NUS) emerged as one of the top three global universities in Asia and Australasia in a ranking of global league universities by international magazine Newsweek. NUS was ranked 31st in the world.

The Japanese universities emerged tops in Asia with Tokyo University in the first place (14th in the world ranking), followed by Kyoto University (25th in the world ranking). In the world ranking,Harvard University was in the top position, followed by Stanford and Yale universities.

According to Newsweek, universities have become more global in response to the same forces which have propelled the world economy toward global integration. They seek students from around the world and send their own students abroad to prepare them for global careers; offer courses which address challenges of an inter-connected world; and conduct collaborative research programs. Capturing these developments, the ranking of global universities was based on openness and diversity as well as distinction in research.

The universities were also evaluated on some measures used in the rankings by Shanghai Jiaotong University such as number of highly-cited researchers and number of articles published in Nature and Science; and the Times of London Higher Education Supplement survey which includes percentage of international faculty, percentage of international students and ratio of faculty to students.

NUS President Professor Shih Choon Fong said that the latest ranking was in recognition of the University’s 'pursuit of global excellence in education and research, which is attributed to our culture of imagination, openness and courage.' "This is a call to further raise Singapore's reputation and visibility in the global education landscape," he added.

President's Insights

ProfessorSHIH Choon Fong shares his thoughts on education, research and entrepreneurship at NUS.

NUS as a waterway:

Preparing graduates to thrive in the vast ocean

A university education in Singapore has to impart an ocean mindset. Singapore is a city state. We have to make the world our hinterland, our ocean of opportunities.

At NUS, we prepare students for careers in Singapore and beyond. Think of NUS as a waterway. In our nurturing waterway, students develop skills for the vast ocean. The ocean offers boundless space for growth and abundant opportunities. We help students develop critical and independent thinking, initiative and enterprise, resilience and ability to adapt. In this way, they can discover their competitive edge and take on challenges in the ocean.

Student Alumni Associates Program

Our Student Alumni Associates Program is designed to cultivate relationship with our students, familiarize them with the different aspects of alumni work and at the same time emphasize the important role alumni has in contributing to NUS' vision of becoming a global knowledge enterprise.


The objectives of the SAA Program are:

To enable students and alumni to connect through joint planning of and participation in alumni-related events and programs

To develop interpersonal, organizational and leadership skills in students and groom them to become future alumni leaders of NUS

To instill the AlumNUS spirit in students and mould them into active alumni upon their graduation

To provide an opportunity for all undergraduates from the various faculties across campus to work together to build class identity and a stronger bond with Alma Mater

Incentives of being our SAA include remuneration for work, privileges in the use of alumni house facilities, being provided with enhancement and training courses, networking opportunities with our alumni as well as being given a copy of our AlumNUS magazine.

Student Alumni Associates will be assigned projects on a regular basis, in areas like publications, events management, data mining, research, data-entry and supporting our alumni groups. We can assign SAA to projects in the following ways:

 Assign SAAs to any projects based on their availability

 SAAs will be attached to each section based on their skills and personalities

 On-site support during events

Please send the duly completed application form to:

Office of Alumni Relations (Student Programs)

National University of Singapore

Alumni House

20 Lower Kent Ridge Road

Singapore 119080

For enquiries, please email oarstudent@nus.edu.sg or call 6516 6950.

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