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Hard Rain


Action, Crime, Thriller, Drama, Disaster, Thieves, Suspense, Escape, Buddies, Capers, Murder, Police


Prepare for hard rain.


Rising flood waters imperil the residents of a Midwestern town, but to a gang of thieves, the disaster is an opportunity--to waltz off with the contents of a bank vault abandoned by the evacuated townspeople. Something they didn"t count on is armed truck driver Christian Slater, called upon to carry the money out of the vault and to higher ground. Thus begins a battle of wills set against the raging flood tides, complicated further by a corrupt sheriff"s designs on the loot. Nifty flood effects and high-octane action sequences keep things moving at a rapid pace.

The small town of Huntingburg is forced to evacuate when torrential rains bring rising flood waters. The local sheriff (Randy Quaid) and town residents, having been through this before, are all too familiar with the looting and petty thefts that take place in an abandoned town. What they are not aware of, however, is the planned heist of an armored car sent to transport the $3 million from local banks. The tension begins as the armored car breaks down and the drivers, Tom (Christian Slater) and his Uncle Charlie (Ed Asner), find themselves stranded. Their radio transmission for help is intercepted, and before they know it they are surrounded by a suspicious crew led by Jim (Morgan Freeman). Without warning the crew opens fire.

Directed by

:Mikael Salomon

Written by:

Graham YostCast

 Randy Quaid

Christian Slater

  Morgan Freeman

 Edward Asner

Minnie Driver

Release Date

• USA: Jan 16, 1998


:$70,000,000Running Time:1 hour, 37 minutes


Mutual Film Company, Paramount

Some Images taken from the Movie

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