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Important Factors Affecting Life Expectancy (Part 2)

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Human beings have two main aspects in their creation: physical and spiritual. Human physic is under the influence of his psyche or his spirit. God breathed His spirit into human body at the time of creation.

Therefore, one of the most important factors for calculating life expectancy in human being is the assessment of the level of his spirituality or the volume of the sins a man commits during his life. The more spiritual a human being, the longer his life expectancy will be. On the other hand, the more sins he commits, the shorter his life will be, the least blessings he will receive and his life will be all in vain.

In addition to all these unknown facts, that will have many benefits for the life of man, there are some equations known to us to some degree. Solving these equations will help us calculate the length of life to some degrees. Many equations are introduced for calculation of the length of human life, many of which are erroneous, failing to calculate the close-to-real life expectancy of man.
Hereunder, attempts have been made to present some important factors for calculation of the length of your life, some of which will increase your life expectancy ratio, and some will push it down. Acting upon the following, you will understand relative length of your life:
This is part of what the Almighty God revealed to Moses on tablets: “… Express thy gratitude to Me, and Honor thy father and thy mother so that I protect you from destruction and delay thy death, and bestow upon thee a clean life and take you to the better side of this life.”
In the next part the factors that affect man’s life expectancy will be discussed in details.
Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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