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Gulf of Oman Coasts (Part 2)

gulf of oman coasts

There is no information about the name of the Gulf of Oman in pre-Islam period. According to Herodotus (512 BC), the naval fleet of Darius the Great entered the Sea of Eritrea (Red Sea, Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf) for the first time with Admiral Scylax of Caryanda, and inspected the shores of Mokran  and Arabia (Oman). In the 4th century H., the Gulf of Oman was part of the Pacific Ocean and each part of the ocean used to be called after the district or the city located nearby such as the Persian Gulf, The Sea of Basra and the Gulf of Oman. Apparently, due to the economic and commercial development of the city of Oman in Islamic period, the Gulf of Oman, too, rose to fame. This is because the port and the city of Oman was the wharfing zone in that age and it had seemingly constant relations with Tiz Port on the Persian Gulf. Merchants in Oman were among the wealthiest ones throughout the nearby cities and many ships stopped at the port coming from west, east, south and north to load and unload commodities. In the south of the port, there was the Green Sea or the Green Gulf the geographical specifications of which more or less conforms to modern-day Arabian Sea.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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