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Terrorism Treated Based on Benefits Not Human Criteria
Interview with Dr. Seyed Hadi Seyed Afqahi, Senior Researcher in Middle Eastern Affairs (Part 7)

dr. seyed hadi seyed afqahi

In an interview with the Tebyan, Dr. Seyed Hadi Seyed Afqahi elaborates on terrorism and lack of solid criterion to define it.
Dr. Seyed Afqahi expounded on big powers fight against ISIL and said: “Terrorism and double standards in treating terrorism even in concepts and evidence can be reviewed from the point of view of benefits.”
He pointed to Saudi Arabia’s approach toward Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwanul Muslimin) and said: “Saudi Arabia has announced that Ikhwanul Muslimin is a terrorist group, while they support Ikhwanul Muslimin in Yemen.”
Hamas, Hezbollah, Symbols of Popular Islamic Resistance against US, Zionist Regime’s Avarice

Seyed Afqahi is of the opinion that terrorism lacks any standard definition or concept. “Hamas has been out-listed from terrorist groups. The court has issued its verdict on this but Hamas is yet to be out-listed officially.”
This political analyst went on to say that Hamas and Hezbollah are symbols of popular Islamic resistance against the avarice of the United States and the Zionist regime. “There is no clear-cut indicator in the definition of international and legal organizations on terrorism. Therefore, any country treats terrorism based on its benefits.”

People Have Found Their Compass
Expressing his critical opinion about diversity of attitudes toward terrorism he said: “People must return to their real identity because they have found their compass. In Yemen, for instance, people move toward national unity.”
In his interview Dr. Afqahi touched many aspects of terrorism in the Middle East, including the savage acts of the ISIL, the US support for this group, the US double-standard policies, the lack of a criterion to define terrorism, the US attempts to promote ISIL in the Middle East and a host of other issues.
Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi     


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