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  • 2/17/2015

US Planning to Sow Seeds of ISIL in another Name
Interview with Dr. Seyed Hadi Seyed Afqahi, Senior Researcher in Middle Eastern Affairs (Part 5)


dr. seyed hadi seyed afqahi

In an interview with the Tebyan, Dr. Seyed Hadi Seyed Afqahi elaborates on the role of the United States in the Middle East, particularly its measures to spread groups like the ISIL in the Middle East.
According to Seyed Hadi Seyed Afqahi, the United States tries to sow the seeds of ISIL in the region in another name. For instance, by establishing Ansar Bait al-Moqaddas in the Sinai, the United States wants to set Egypt on fire, has some plans to divide Libya and take its share of the “cake of Libya” along with Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The United States has even penetrated into the black Africa in Mali and in Nigeria in cooperation with Boko Haram. This terrorist group has cost high on the United States and other southern Persian Gulf littoral states.

US Seeking Waging Proxy War
The senior political analyst pointed to the objectives of the United States behind waging wars in the region and said: “The United States wants to set the entire region on fire by waging a proxy war that is the most dangerous model of war. This is because instead of spending US money and sacrificing US soldiers the host countries or some beneficiary Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar pay the price of wars in life and property. This is why the region is suffering and will suffer major events and unfortunately peace shall not easily be established in the region with the new alignments.”
Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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