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  • 2/17/2015

Zionism and Takfiri Group Are Two Blades of the Same Scissors
Interview with Dr. Seyed Hadi Seyed Afqahi Senior Researcher in Middle Eastern Affairs (Part 1)

dr. seyed hadi seyed afqahi

In an interview with the Tebyan, Dr. Seyed Hadi Seyed Afqahi elaborates on Middle East issues. He discusses the role of the United States and Zionist regime and their allies in setting the stage for bloody events in the Middle East.
Dr. Afqahi in response to a question on the role of Hamas and Hezbollah in the security of the region said: “Hamas and Hezbollah are national champions of Islamic resistance against the dreams of avarice of the Zionist regime and the United States.”
Apparently the developments have found their way and the Baathist-ISIL sponsored terrorist groups have lost the capability their sponsors expected from them. Opining on this, Dr. Afqahi said: “We had in the news that Bashar al-Assad in his lecture said some European states and the United States have not recognized – however implicitly – the legitimacy of the elections in Syria. Apart from these, whatever taking place is in favor of the Resistance and people.”

He added: “Terrorism is a double face phenomenon from birth. Its first aspect is as old as 750 years manifesting itself as Takfiri circle, an heir to Wahhabi system of thought. Global arrogance, either in the time of UK’s hegemony on the region or at present, when the United States has established its hegemony across the globe, introduced a project to accelerate the implementation of a process that historically supports the Zionist regime. The logic of Zionism is different from the logic of Wahhabi or Takfiri school of thought but they act like two blades of scissors to uproot Islam. Terrorism is an evil phenomenon organized and sponsored by a think tank and a world conspiracy.”

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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