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Rights of the People Defeated in War

imam ali (a.s)

Many sublime concepts existed in Islam since its advent. These concepts include the human rights,  human dignity, freedom, social equity, legitimate right of security and defense, social security, education, negation of compulsion and coercion, supporting the rights of the women and children and the rights of the deprived classes in the society as well as the rights of the people who are defeated in the war.
An example of the above mentioned rights is the case of Basra Battle. When peace was established in Basra, Imam Ali (A.S) appointed Abdollah bin Abbas as the governor of the city and then returned to Kufa. They reported to the Imam that Ibn Abbas did not behave well with the defeated people of Basra. Imam Ali (A.S) immediately wrote an admonishing letter to Ibn Abbas:
“You should know that Basrah is the place where Satan descends and mischief happens. Keep the people of this place pleased with good treatment and remove any fear from their hearts. I have come to know of your strictness with Bani Tamim and your harshness over them. Bani Tamim are very courageous people and if one star sets another one rises for amongst them. They were never exceeded in (the art of) war in pre-Islamic times or after Islam. Then, Abdollah bin Abbas, keep yourself restrained in whatever you say or do, good or bad about your people…” 1

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi


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