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A Short Biography of Martyr Hussein Kharrazi:
The Wills of Martyr Kharrazi (Part 5)

martyr hussein kharrazi

Hussein Kharrazi was a distinguished commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps who fell martyr in the course of Iran-Iraq war. Following is his recommendations to the soldiers as reflected in his last will.

First Will:
I plead to the people to support the Leader under all circumstances. The way of our martyrs is the way of righteousness; I beg them to forgive me and intercede for me on the Judgment Day and I beseech God to help me continue on their path. The path of martyrs, whose very existence and whose life and times taught us lessons on sacrifice; whose jihad taught us the essence of resistance and their departure taught us love. I plead to the dear authorities and the God-fearing people to stand against those, who, having failed miserably to deviate and alienate the people through promotion of false beliefs, are now fighting our values through dissemination of corruption, promiscuity and encouraging women to unveil their hijab. I appeal to you to stop these corruptions swiftly and soberly.
Second Will:
I ask Allah's forgiveness. O God, spare me the darkness, constriction and pressure of my grave and the questions of angels on the Judgment Day. O God, hear me as I cry your name. O God, I, heartbroken and in distress, know only Thee to be the giver of victory and success; I put my trust in You only. O God, there is little time left until the operation; O God, in words of Imam Khomeini, Thou art the true commander in chief, You help the troops prevail, you repel the evil deeds of the disbelievers permanently. O God, out of the possessions of this world's life, I have nothing but debts and sins. O God, accept my repentance and bless me with the splendid grace of martyrdom as I appeal to You for forgiveness. I am aware I have not been quite as trustworthy as I should have been in dealing with the public funds and may have performed excessively.
Give some alms on my behalf and beseech God to forgive me.
Hussein Khharrazi
December 31, 1986

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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