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A Short Biography of Martyr Hossain Kharrazi:

Young Hussein (Part 1)

martyr hussein kharrazi

On a Muharram Friday, in 1957, Hussein Kharrazi was born in one of Isfahan’s poor neighborhoods, “Kooy-e Kalem.” Intelligence and courteousness were his striking traits in his childhood and it was in this very period of his life that he would follow his father in attending the congregational prayers and religious gatherings. While in school, Hussein was constantly learning more about religion and showed considerable interest in Islamic and revolutionary news and literature and gradually became familiar with politics. In 1977 and after receiving his High School Diploma in experimental sciences, he was sent to Mashhad for his mandatory military service. While serving in the military, he was actively studying Qur’anic sciences within religious communities. In that period he was sent to Oman to take part in operation against fighters in Dhofar; an operation he would later call “sinful” and during which he even refused to shorten his prayers and prayed in full. He accepted a position in the Civil Defense Committee shortly after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, donned the uniform of the Islamic Revolution Guards to fight the domestic counter-revolution forces in the Kurdish of Iran, and would never have a moment’s rest from then on. He served honestly in that region for a year and his following missions required him to go to Gonbad-e Kavus.
With the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war and upon his own request, Kharrazi set out for the southwestern Iran. For nine months and with little warfare equipment and logistical support, he stood against the Iraqi forces in the frontline of defense in Darkhoveyn and even managed to train and introduce powerful fighters during his service there.
Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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