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Getting the Certificate from the American Pilot Training College
The Biography of Major General Pilot Abbas Babaei - Part 3

martyr abbas babaei


I looked at my watch, it was the noon time. I wished I was not there, because then I could perform my noon prayers on time. I waited for a very long time but the General didn’t come back. So I said to myself: “nothing is more important than performing the prayers. I performed my prayers in the same place. God willing, he won’t come back until my prayers would be finished.” I went to a corner of the room and I laid the newspaper I had in my hand on the ground and started performing my prayers. At the same time, while I was performing my prayers, I noticed the General opened the door and stepped in. I didn’t know what to do. I said to myself: “should I continue or break my praying?” Finally, I decided to continue my praying; I thought to myself: “whatever God wills would happen to me.” I finished my praying and while sitting on the chair, I apologized to the General; the general kept quiet for a few moments and he looked at me meaningfully and asked: “What were you doing?”
I said: I was praying. He said: can you explain more?
I said: “in our religion, we are required to pray and worship God at certain hours of the day and night. While I was waiting for you to come back, it was the prayer time. So I decided to say my prayers before you come back. The General nodded and said: “so all the things mentioned in your case seem to be pertaining to this praying, don’t they? “
I said: “Yes, you are right.”
He smiled. From his eyes, one could understand that he liked my adherence to my traditions and culture, and that I hadn’t been changed by the modernity of the American society. He cheerfully took his pen out of his pocket and signed my case. Then he stood up respectfully and while shaking hands with me, said: “I congratulate you. You have been accepted. I wish you success in your future career” I also thanked him and respectfully left the room. On that day, I prayed again as soon as I found the first place with good privacy in order to thank God for the blessing He granted to me. 

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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