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Joining the American Pilot Training College

The Biography of Major General Pilot Abbas Babaei - Part 2

martyr abbas babaei

Babaei himself narrates the story of his graduation from the American Pilot Training College as follows: “we had accomplished our pilot training courses in the United States of America; however, due to the reports mentioned in my service case, it was not clear what was going to happen; they hadn’t actually issued my certificate. Finally, I was summoned to the office of the college principal who was an American General. I went to his office and presented myself very respectfully. He asked me to sit down. My case was in front of him on the desk. The General was the last person who could offer his statement whether I was accepted or not.     
He asked some questions and I replied them. From his questions, one could find out he did not have a good comment about me. This meeting had a direct relationship with my reputation and dignity; I felt all those pains I tolerated due to being away from my family for two years were in vain and all those plans I had for my future in my mind were being wiped out just in a moment, and I had to come back to Iran without getting the pilot certificate. I was thinking about this issue that suddenly the door of the room was opened and someone asked the permission to step in.

He respectfully stepped in and asked the General to get out of the room in order to do a very significant work. The General left the room and I stayed in the room alone for some moments.
Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi



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