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The signs of knowledgeable people according to Imam Baqir (A.S)

imam baqir (a.s)

Knowledge and knowledgeable have signs and they are known by those signs. Anyone can claim to anything he/she wishes for example some people claim they are doctors, they may even have the qualifications but they lack any sign of that because they do not have any doctorine or idea of what they supposed to be known for. In one of his speeches Imam Baqir (A.S) mentioned 2 main signs for a knowledgeable and scholar: A real scholar is not jealous to his/her superior and does not disrespect subordinates [1]. Unfortunately some of those who claim to be knowledgeable are trapped in jealousy and belittling towards others. The real scholar is one who is always trying to better himself/herself by learning from those who are more knowledgeable as well as being humble to those who may not be at same level of knowledge and qualifications to him/her.
[1] Tohafol Oqool, Page 293.
Source: shafaqna.com

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