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Instructions to tax collectors by Imam Ali (A.S)

imam ali (a.s)
Move with fear of God who is unique. On your way, do not frighten any Muslim, do not enter his land by force and do not ask him for what is prescribed by the divine law. When you reach a village, settle by the water and do not enter a person's house, then approach people calmly, greet them, treat them kindly and say: I have been sent to you by the divine representative to obtain from you God's right which exist in your property; so, is there anything that is God's right in your property? If a person replies: No, do not go back to him. If anyone said: Yes, then go with him, do not frighten or threaten him, whatever of gold and silver is given to you, accept, and if he owns cows and sheep, do not enter without his permission and when you enter do not behave as oppressors [1]. 

[1] Nahjul balagha, Letter Number 25 (addressing tax collectors)

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