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Protests held in Iranian cities against French cartoon

protests held in iranian cities against french cartoon

Tens of thousands took to the streets in cities across Iran after Friday prayers to condemn French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo for publishing a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The biggest demonstrations were in cities other than Tehran, with state television showing large crowds angered at the depiction of the Prophet of Islam.

Iranians from various social strata poured into the streets to reaffirm their commitment to Islamic tenets and show love for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The image was published one week after 12 people were killed by gunmen at the magazine’s Paris offices because of earlier such cartoons.

The cartoon has angered many Muslims in the world and triggered protests in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, some of which turned violent.

Also on Friday, protesters in Indian-controlled Kashmir took to the streets to protest against the blasphemous cartoon. The government forces fired warning shots and tear gas to disperse Muslim protesters.

Protests broke out in the main city of Srinagar after Friday prayers with worshippers carrying placards reading ‘Down with Charlie’ and chanting slogans against the Indian rule and in favor of Islam.

Security fired shots and tear gas in at least at three places, while the protesters hurled rocks at them, police said.

Similar protests were also reported in several towns and villages in the disputed Himalayan region.

Meanwhile, at least 20,000 people protested in the western Afghan city of Herat against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The demonstrators burned French flags, chanted death slogans against France and demanded Paris apologize to Muslims in Afghanistan’s biggest rally yet against the weekly.

A smaller protest was held in the capital Kabul, where a few demonstrators threw stones at the French embassy, prompting guards to fire one or two warning shots.

Source: iran-daily.com

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