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The End of Darkness (Part 2)

imam mahdi (a.s)


Most thinkers and reformers believe that the only solution for putting the present world in order is the establishment of a single world government based on justice. Undoubtedly in order to check mutual clash among the great powers of the world for the sake of expanding their spheres of influence over weak nations. Also to abstain from the destruction of large masses in the way of securing greater profits, to remove the problem of poverty and hunger which has been caused solely for the sake of pillaging the wealth of the weak by the strong. And finally to take a step towards liberation from difficulties so that people, like hippies, do not, in despair, resort to narcotics in order to forget their wrong notions about the futility of the world and all efforts and hopes. It is essential that a government based on justice and authentic human values must take over the reins of affairs of the whole world. It should unite all mankind into a single nation, and distribute all wealth equally among human beings, fully control the military power of the world, and place genuine human culture at the disposal of all.

Bertrand Russell, the great Western thinker and philosopher, says in this connection:

“There is only one way to prevent war, and that is by setting up a single world government which could solely control all the great and important weapons. In my opinion if such a world government is set up, its establishment will be met with agreement and satisfaction in some parts and must be effected by conquest in other regions. I do not suppose that the human race possesses such an ability and statesmanship to submit to the establishment of a world government willingly and wholeheartedly. That is why I think that the use of force and pressure is necessary at the outset for its establishment and preservation. “

Thus, a great obstacle in this way is the lack of adequate force to stand against the factors which start war and create other disorders. Today the great powers of the world are in the hands of a group of selfish profiteers in whose minds the only question that does not arise is to forsake their own chances in favour of mankind and to set up a single world government on the basis of justice. For this reason in order to attain such an ideal, it is necessary to have a well-informed and virtuous leader who would rise with an immense power against these forces of oppression.

The presence of such a leader has long been felt by mankind for the establishment of a society based on justice, and therefore, such a religious leader has been spoken of,, in some form or other, by various peoples and nations. The Hindus call him "Brahmin Kala"; Celtic groups name him "Arthur"; Zoroastrians name this savoir "Socianes"; the Jews call him "Joshua"; and the Christians and Muslims give him the title of "Reformer" and "Mahdi".

Evidently enough, an individual, whose most important program is to combat super-powers and to break up the organization of rioters, should have a power superior to that of all others. So that he is able to remove them all in the shortest possible time, and set up his wholly just rule in the world. Such a person cannot attain his goal unless he is supported by divine power,. And for this reason he has been considered by all religions as an individual selected by God, and they have presented a picture of him and his program, and with the lessening of time between these religions and the rise of that reformer, his picture has become more vivid.

Accordingly, the Muslims are unanimous that in future a man of the Holy Prophet's household, who bears the same name, as he will rise by divine command, will establish a single world government with a solid basis of brotherhood and equality. And will put an end to all inequalities and human miseries

The Qur’an portrays the future most clearly in the following lines:

"God has promised to those of you who believe and do good that He will most certainly make them rulers on the earth as He make rulers those before them, and that He will most certainly establish for them their religion which He has chosen for them, and that He will most certainly, after their fear, give them security in exchange; they shall serve Me, not associating aught with Me.”‌

The Shia traditions and narratives have given the following description of Mahdi's program:

"He will continue his armed combat until the total annihilation of oppressive governments. He will be aided by combatants and by the fear that God creates in the enemy's heart. As a result, he will not turn to any land without hoisting the banner of Islam there. In this way, he will conquer the east and west and will set up a single world government on the basis of justice. Under his leadership of the Islamic world society, human beings will be able to attain mental growth and acquire the highest levels of knowledge and insight. Then the most perfect moral values will rule the world and under their auspices, unity and purity will be established among human beings. He will divide the wealth equally between people and abolish all class differences, that everyone will have the possibility of activity and progress. Consequently, the world will enjoy such a degree of wealth and prosperity that people will have no need of seeking profit in their dealings, and consider such an action as undesirable as usury.

To be brief, all human societies, particularly the Muslims, are awaiting for a bright future in which there is no fear and terror, no riot and confusion, no poverty and hunger, and no sorrow and misfortune. It is this hope and expectation that have been able to preserve human society so far against total destruction, and protect them against the danger of drowning in this wild and stormy ocean, by sticking to a wooden plank until they reach the safety of a ship.

Source: imamalmahdi.com

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