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Examples of Politeness of Hazrat Abulfazl (A.S)

hazrat abulfazl (a.s)

It is narrated that Hazrat Abulfazl Al-Abbas (A.S) never sat next to Imam Hussein (A.S) without permission; he asked for permission and when he was allowed, he sat very politely. (1)

Hazrat Abulfazl Al-Abbas (A.S) sometimes worked with his father in farms, gardens and palm groves. Some time, he was teaching Islamic narrations and plans to people in mosques. He also helped poor and needy people. He highly respected his brothers and sisters and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with them in order to enhance their knowledge and that of his people.

In other words, he was the powerful arm of his father, the insightful brain of Islam and obedient to his brothers, Imam Hassan (A.S) and Imam Hussein (A.S).

Hazrat Abbas always sought the permission of his brother in matters related to the leadership of the world of Islam. Abbas always considered Imam Hussein as the leader and Imam of his time and hence on the one hand accompanied and assisted him and on the other did not take any action without his permission.

In fact, he was raised by one of the greatest personalities of the world of Islam, who himself was raised by the holy Prophet (PBUH) of Islam. He was raised by Imam Ali (A.S) who was raised by the holy Prophet (PBUH) since his childhood. Indeed, Imam Ali raised Abbas as a polite person. The Imam believed that: “no heritance is more valuable than politeness” (2). Therefore, he trained his children so righteously that they were the politest ones in their society. Hazrat Abulfazl Al-Abbas (A.S) was also trained in this bright school of thought. Accordingly, one of his brilliant traits all through his life, from childhood till the end of his life, was politeness.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

Endnote :

1. Nahjul Al-Balaghat: Sermon 51

2.Al-Ma’ani Al-Sibtayn: Vol. 1, P.443

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